Episode 004 December 7th 2019

"Going Dutch" has been launched! YOU GUYS ARE LISTENING! Are we actually doing this thing? Marki’s sultry voice is a huge hit with fans and, oh yeah, Bec is just... “funny”. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Black people are super sleepy due to "extra melatonin". Marki and Bec share special Christmas mush-gush. Bec had braces, TWICE. What is YOUR Tinder profile like? WE LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU CAN ALWAYS SIT WITH US!


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Episode 005 December 15th 2019

Marki goes to church with Bec!!! Marki & Bec touch on the feared and highly avoided subject of, RELIGION. {Insert "doomed" music} Bec loves Jesus and cusses a little. Marki loves goodness and grace th

EPISODE 003 December 1st 2019

Marki & Bec find dope a** intro music {it even fades out, dude}. Marki was right about football - that precious, fem, fun-loving gal. Thanksgiving 2019 was (but also wasn't) the worst. Find your persp

EPISODE 002 November 24th 2019

Marki & Bec come up with an intro that needs improvement. Bec sits next to a lesbian at church. Marki is a fun, fem, football-loving gal. Penile photography is a "thing", and the BBQ wings at B-Dub's

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