EPISODE 002 November 24th 2019

Marki & Bec come up with an intro that needs improvement. Bec sits next to a lesbian at church. Marki is a fun, fem, football-loving gal. Penile photography is a "thing", and the BBQ wings at B-Dub's are spicy. We are "Going Dutch" and you can always sit with us!


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Episode 005 December 15th 2019

Marki goes to church with Bec!!! Marki & Bec touch on the feared and highly avoided subject of, RELIGION. {Insert "doomed" music} Bec loves Jesus and cusses a little. Marki loves goodness and grace th

Episode 004 December 7th 2019

"Going Dutch" has been launched! YOU GUYS ARE LISTENING! Are we actually doing this thing? Marki’s sultry voice is a huge hit with fans and, oh yeah, Bec is just... “funny”. Always the bridesmaid, nev

EPISODE 003 December 1st 2019

Marki & Bec find dope a** intro music {it even fades out, dude}. Marki was right about football - that precious, fem, fun-loving gal. Thanksgiving 2019 was (but also wasn't) the worst. Find your persp

Marki & Bec

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We reside in East Texas. Should we get a P.O. Box? Would you send us fun things if we had one?

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